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Personal Credit – Compare and Save up to € 5,500


Caixa Económica de Angra do Heroísmo offers three great financing solutions so that its clients can realize their dreams and projects and face possible contingencies.


Personal credit 


 Personal credit from CEMAH


The personal loan solution of Caixa Económica da Misericórdia de Angra do Heroísmo is intended for private clients aged between 18 and 65 years, and amounts between 500 and 75,000 euros may be requested for a term which varies between 6 and 120 months. Regarding the mode of payment, this consists of constant capital and interest payments. The interest rate is appropriate to the risk profile of the customer and is defined according to the products and services that it has at Caixa Económica de Angra do Heroísmo.


Credit Training and Education


 Credit Training and Education


The CEM Training and Education Credit is intended to finance a higher education, technical-professional or even specific training, for individuals who are enrolled in technical-vocational, higher education or vocational training establishments.

The term of use of this financing is from 6 to 36 months (available in monthly tranches, contrary to what happens with CEMAH’s conventional personal credit) and the amounts requested can vary between 1,000 and 30,000 euros. As far as the repayment term is concerned, this can fluctuate between 6 and 96 months with monthly installments of capital and interest.

In order to have access to the training and education credit of Caixa Económica de Angra do Heroísmo, it is mandatory to present the annual proof of enrollment / enrollment.

The interest rate on this loan is variable, indexed to the 6-month EURIBOR, plus a spread of 3% to 4%.


Automotive Credit


 Automotive Credit


The CEM car credit is intended for holders aged between 18 and 75 for the purpose of purchasing new or used passenger, mixed or freight vehicles. With terms ranging from 6 to 96 months, the amounts requested can range from 500 to 75,000 euros, and the modality of repayment is a monthly installment of principal and interest.

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Credit Cards For Young People – Are You Looking For Credit Cards For Students?



Do you have to have your first credit card and do you have difficulty choosing the right one? Or are you in doubt whether a credit card is the right choice for you at all?

Then you can read here and learn more about the benefits of having a credit card and what options you have.


Credit card for students

Being young is not always easy to get approved for a credit card. Banks often require you to settle for a certain amount of wealth, as well as a fixed income to be approved. However, there are also solutions where you can get a card with a reasonable credit limit without having a full-time job or large savings.

Some online solutions have lower requirements for their customers than the banks, and there are good opportunities for getting a credit card as a young person.

However, you cannot expect to have a tremendously high credit limit if you do not have a substantial fixed income. However, this is also usually preferable as a young person, because it can be difficult to control his / her consumption when there is the possibility of spending money that one does not have. So there are nice opportunities to get a sensible credit card for young people online, even if you are a student.


Credit card as an alternative to loan


 Credit card as an alternative to loan

For many, a credit card can be a really good alternative to loans. Both consumer loans and credit cards are opportunities for spending money that you really do not have, but there are nevertheless significant differences between the two solutions. Below you can read about some of the benefits of applying for a credit card rather than a consumer loan.

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Reasons to choose the credit card

With a payment card, you have been approved in advance to be able to borrow up to a certain amount, for example DKK 10,000, through your credit limit. Once accepted, do not apply every time you want to spend the money. That is why it does something faster and it is a more flexible solution.

Great freedom

You are also not locked into having to use the money for one specific purpose, thereby giving a credit card you great freedom. Keep in mind, however, that it is freedom of responsibility, as of course you must be able to repay the money again and it can be expensive in interest and fees if you do not do so within the agreed period.

Discounts and point schemes

You also get a number of other benefits with a credit card. Discounts or point schemes are often included, so you can save money on various goods purchases and services such as travel, fuel, clothing or the like. In some cases, you also get travel insurance or other benefits that you would not get if you took out a loan instead.

Therefore, a credit card can help you gain greater financial freedom in your everyday life and at the same time give you the opportunity to save money.

Compare the Market and Save Up To € 5,500 | Personal Credit


Banco Best is a credit institution founded in 2001, based in Lisbon. This financial institution specializes in the areas of Asset Management , Trading and Banking , offering a varied range of services and products, among which is personal credit, which goes through partnerships with the largest banks, insurance companies and national and international management companies .


Best and personal credit


Banco Best and personal credit


In terms of the offer of personal credit, Banco Best allows amounts ranging from 2,500 euros to 50,000 euros, with terms that can range from 6 to 84 months, depending on your needs.

The purposes included in this loan also cover a wide range: you can invest in your training, start a business of your own, buy a car, do works at home, renovate the furniture, buy technology products or finance your holiday.

Banco Personal’s personal credit presents two solutions for those who wish to pay lower installments. You can apply for a capital shortage in the first 3 months, during which you are not paying off capital.

Another alternative to get a lower initial installment will be to transfer up to 30% of the loan repayment for the last installment. However, it should be borne in mind that, despite achieving lower initial monthly installments, with these solutions the Total Amount Imputed to the Consumer will be higher.

This consumer credit made available by Banco Best will pay an opening commission of 1% on the amount financed with a maximum of 100 euros. There is the alternative of paying the loan in 14 installments per year, with the double installment in two months at the customer’s choice.

It should also be noted that Banco Best makes it possible to exempt charges or commission from the settlement of the benefit. Included in the APR are various charges, such as the process study fee and the respective Stamp Duty and Stamp Duty on the use of credit.


Consumer rights


 Consumer rights


It is important to realize that the customer has a lot of rights when applying for personal credit. In particular, the consumer has the right to revoke the credit agreement within 14 days, without the need to invoke any reason. In addition, the consumer has the right to obtain a free copy of the draft of the credit agreement. All these rights are protected by law.


Documentation required


Documentation required


At the time of application, to join Banco Best personal credit, you must have the following documentation:

  • Copy of identification document of the 1st and 2nd Holder updated;
  • Copy of the Fiscal Identification document of the 1st and 2nd Holder updated, if this is not presented in the identification document;
  • Copy of proof of income of the 1st and 2nd Holder (last declaration and IRS Settlement Note delivered, if the payee is domiciled in the bank, only the last due date is required, otherwise, the last three paychecks will be required) ;
  • Document proving address (receipt of water, electricity or telephone);
  • Updated labor bond statement;
  • Extracts from Accounts Deposits to the Order of the last 6 months (desirable) or, if not possible, for at least the last 3 months.

But it is important to have attention, because it is possible that the financial institution requests other documentation than this one that is mentioned.

4 Ways to Be Smart When Using Hassle Free Credit


When one has money or use credit to borrow money from banks or marketplaces of credit or online personal credit platforms is easy, however using the credit received intelligently there is not for anyone.

Doing the right money management is not only to increase the amount saved in savings to reach your goals with investments in dollars, with public or private bonds as in the newest way to earn money (investing in Biticoin crypto-coins or investing in peer to peer lending ). Be a good steward of money and more focused on having responsibility in using credit to realize your dreams and goals and not get lost in the way of debt and still have the name denied.

Be smart when using credit or loan

Be smart when using credit or loan

Personal credit is often the ideal lifeline for people who find themselves in a situation that urgently needs cash to cover an eventuality or urgency. Taking short term unsecured credit (personal loan), up to 1 months in general, has easier access and can even be claimed by people denied in the name.

“Do you have to pay costs and expenses related to your child’s education? Do you have to pay for medical emergency fees? Do you have a lot of spending on household things? Or, do you need a loan to travel now on vacation? We know that there are many special events in life that need to have money.

Personal credit often plays a super important role in people’s lives, helping to realize projects and realize dreams, however, it also reminds us that “every working citizen must know how to manage his money responsibly to keep his finances and credit intact .

Applying for personal credit to cover fixed expenses or to purchase items that are not needed is not a good decision. You’d better save your money instead of squandering and managing your expenses with caution to get everything under control. Listed below are some tips that will help you become a “smart manager” when using personal credit.

1. Hire credit from an authorized institution

1. Hire credit from an authorized institution


There are many online lending institutions and loans making web and email offers tempting, but it may not be the best time to hire credit. Personal credit today is about 8% a month and if you have restriction, that interest rate can reach 18% or even 25% a month. Anyway just ask for personal credit if you are sure that the company or credit platform is reliable and secure.

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2. Do not overextend with credit terms


2. Do not overextend with credit terms

It is in this part that monetary discipline is essential. We know that a loan is very tempting, so be aware and do not borrow more than you need, as this can negatively impact your budget, so if you become financially complicated, you will not be able to pay.

Choose the required amount with a payment term that fits into an acceptable budget. The term chosen to repay your personal credit is extremely important, it directly affects your monthly payment, but in longer terms it affects increasing the outstanding balance.

Always make sure that you will be able to pay what you have been hired. If you can anticipate installments of your loan from time to time, better yet!

3. Pay properly and up-to-date


3. Pay properly and up-to-date

Pay off your personal credit on the days of maturity without any delay until it is over, it will be extremely important for you to maintain a good credit history, increase your score, and facilitate future hiring of credit in the future.

4. Pay cash or automatic debit?


Nowadays to use credit is a cinch, you can contract on several platforms in the internet online credit with ticket or card, however through an automatic debit order without any doubts is one of the easiest, most reliable and economical ways to fulfill your repayment obligations and not forget to pay your loan on the right day. Good luck!

Fees and Taxes You Need To Know When You Borrow Money



Below you will find a guide to the fees and charges you can expect when you borrow money.


As a borrower, it is important to remember to take into account that you must not only repay the amount of money you originally borrowed from your provider, but also have to pay fees in addition.

The amount that you have borrowed is called the loan proceeds. The loan proceeds, including the fee for establishing the loan and the so-called capital loss together, are called the principal . This indicates the actual size of the loan amount that you ultimately have to repay.

The amount that constitutes the principal is most familiar with before, but many forget to take into account all the fees and charges associated with borrowing. However, it is important to familiarize yourself with these as they can significantly increase the amount you have to repay.

These charges vary depending on the type of loan you have taken. Therefore, it is important that you, as a borrower, always familiarize yourself with the costs associated with the loan you are considering taking. That way, you are prepared for and familiar with what your loan will actually cost you.

We have here collected the most common fees and charges you can face when borrowing. In this way, you know what costs you should be aware of in connection with your loan.

The interest amount must also be repaid

The interest amount must also be repaid

Interest is generally a fee, which is a percentage of the amount you have borrowed. This interest amount must be repaid to your lender, and thus comes in addition to the principal as you mentioned also repay.

An interest rate is usually calculated on an annual basis or another period or quarter that is set. Therefore, you will find that the price of your loan increases in stages during your loan period. In addition to this annual interest rate, you also need to know: Interest rates, effective interest rates, nominal interest rates and variable and fixed interest rates.

Interest rate interest is important in this context.

Renter’s interest refers to the fact that the same amount repays several times. So an interest rate on the interest rate. If you have a loan where you have to pay the interest rate, you have to pay interest on your loan amount and interest on the interest until you start paying off your loan.

Fee on loan formation

Fee on loan formation

For certain loans, you must pay a founding fee, which, as the name indicates, is a fee for setting up a loan. This fee is also sometimes referred to as a foundation fee or establishment fee.

Some loan providers will charge you a set up fee. Other loan providers allow the formation fee to increase depending on the amount of money you borrow. In addition, the fee may also constitute a percentage of your loan amount.

On the small loans, this fee will often be relatively low. On the larger loans that are settled on a percentage of the loan amount, you can advantageously examine what the different providers can offer you, which you can investigate right here .

The foundation fee is usually about 2% of your entire loan, but may vary. Most often, the foundation fee covers the stamp duty to the state, registration of your documents and handling fees. The foundation fee is thus linked to the fact that your loan provider must pay some expenses as they are imposed by the state.

However, it can also be a fixed percentage of the loan that you must pay to start with as a private borrower. This is especially true for home loans.

Fee for managing your loan

Fee for managing your loan

In connection with most loans, you have to pay fees for managing the loan including billing and payment.

Most loan providers charge a payment fee of approx. DKK 25 and a billing fee of approx. DKK 33 The payment fee is most often dependent on the form of payment. If this happens, for example. via payment service or via payment card.

These fees may seem small and irrelevant, but there are still extra costs that increase your borrowing costs.

Smoking letters also cost you extra

Smoking letters also cost you extra

If you do not want to pay your monthly installment in time, you will not forget that you receive a reminder letter.

Loan providers usually send up to 3 reminder letters. According to the Interest Act, these are subject to the rule that they must never cost more than DKK 100. After the 3 reminder letters you are forwarded to Debt collection, where a fee of DKK 100 is usually also involved.

Remember! That you always have the opportunity to change your payment plan if you for a period of time experience that you cannot pay your monthly installment. You just contact your loan provider here to help you. Keep in mind that your provider is always interested in the loan being repaid and therefore is usually willing to change your plan.

Fees if you opt for insurance for your loan

When you borrow, you can choose to add a security insurance to your loan, but be aware that this is not free. You have to pay a fixed percentage of your monthly loan service.

Such a security insurance covers your payments if you, for example, should get out of losing your job or the like and therefore unable to pay for themselves.

This insurance fee depends on your loan provider, but will often be approx. 8% of the monthly payment.

Of course you only have to pay this fee if you have actually chosen insurance for your loan.

When you take out a mortgage loan

When you take out a mortgage loan

This fee is related to the admission of a so-called mortgage loan from a bank or mortgage bank. There is also a fee to be paid here.

Here, the fee is a standard amount that is determined by the individual bank or mortgage bank. This fee may be between DKK 2,000 and DKK 4,000 depending on the provider. However, in some cases the fee can be negotiated.



The fee that a customer pays to a bank when trading in bonds or shares. Ie the costs a bank has when selling the bonds that have borrowed. The bank charges a fee to convey this transaction and it is the one called brokerage.

The contract value amounts to 0.25% of the value of the bonds (up to DKK 3 million). It then falls to 0.20% of their total value.

The fee differs from provider to provider, so here is good reason to investigate and compare prices.

transfer duty

Most often, the characteristic of housing trading is that the mortgage loan is registered. After that, the loan is legally binding, which helps to secure your rights when purchasing your property.

The registration tax thus refers to everything that has to do with this land registration service.

The mortgage bank and the bank usually charge a fee that depends on what you are interested in enrolling.

If mortgage deeds are already registered, when you make a home purchase, you can actually save money if you take over this property registration. Then you only have to pay tax if you want to increase the amount of the registration of the mortgage deed.

Remember that fees can vary and be negotiated


The majority of the above-mentioned fees and charges on loans you will experience no matter which bank you borrow from. However, they can vary in size.

In addition, you will find that when you go to the bank, in some cases, these fees and charges can be negotiated in size. Including especially when they apply to your loan’s interest.

Always make as many offers as possible from as many banks as possible. This way, you know what the different loan providers have to offer you. You can compare all your options that best suit your needs and your finances by clicking here .



The New Alternative of Online Loans on Websites


Do you know any new loan alternatives ? The famous social loans, this is the new craze to get financial resources with low cost and near zero bureaucracy. It is not today that the internet has come to “facilitate the life” of the citizen and in the social loan operations are carried out entirely in a virtual environment (site), suitable to complete the exchange of money between people.

I have said here in the portal that Brazil in terms of lines of credit and loans to individuals is light years behind other countries. The social loan is one of those lines of credit that was barred by the “Owners of the Country”.


New Alternative Loans


 New Alternative Loans


Also known as a “peer-to-peer loan,” social loans is a widely used form of consumer credit in Europe, North America and Australia, the main idea is to get you in direct contact with private credit providers through use of online platforms appropriate for this type of operation.

The concept of the line of loans (capital loans) is to create a virtual environment that facilitates the exchange of money between individuals, realizing a true market of personal loans where creditors and borrowers find ideal conditions to arrange the financing of the concession and also the reimbursement of credit with the payment of a certain amount of interest agreed between them.


Alternative Peer-to-Peer Loans


 Alternative Peer-to-Peer Loans

The Peer-to-Peer site is the intermediary of a meeting between a creditor and a money-maker. The site is also able to ensure the suitability of the business and the participants. In this particular financing model, the intermediary (site) earns a commission, generally paid by the person requesting the loan (the commission varies between 0.5 and 2%).

The interest rates of the social loan is also good, it is usually charged between 2% and 5% depending on various factors, conditions and terms. The fact is that this mutual benefit to the lender and contractor has helped make this form of loan a great alternative to bank loans that have higher fees and exaggerated bureaucracy for granting.

Alternatives to collective loans

 Alternatives to collective loans

The form of personal and occasional loan between two individuals that takes the form of collective loans in Brazil is considered illegal and there is no regulation provided by law, here only financial institutions holds the right to offer money at interest. In more advanced countries, the Civil Code itself qualifies the creditors and allows contractors to freely hire private interest.

Although everything happens in virtual environment, it is necessary to sign contract with all qualifications and financial reports to be validated and legitimate, including the date of repayment, type of loan, personal information of both parties, total, interest rates etc. ., the legal consequences are the same as a financial operation of the conventional system.

“Personally I doubt that here in Brazil this new loan alternative will be released at least in the next 5 or 10 years”

UPDATE : After a few years after writing this article, the scenario changed completely and was once considered as a threat to the profits of the big banks, today is the purest reality, the debit is in full swing and you who are a consumer of credit is the favored one, if you want to know more about everything related to peer-to-peer.