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The Loan with Property Guarantee



Using the Credicasa BV Financeira can be an option for those who are looking for a high value loan and can use the property as collateral. This program is from BV financial and offers different conditions, including more affordable interest rates on account of the guarantee.

Understand what Credicasa BV Financeira is


Credicasa is the BV financial loan. The bank, which also works with other lines of credit, seeks to pass on interest rates more in account, since the property becomes a guarantee of receiving the loan, in case the loan applicant fails to pay the installments.

How does BV’s Credicasa work?


Quite simply. The client who gets the loan via the financial and using his property as collateral, will be doing refinancing. That is, it is as if he repays the installments of the house again, having, of course, the money in his hands.

The financial BV makes analysis of each credit application through this product. The customer usually does not have to say how he will use the money. The bank does an analysis of the documentation of the property and those involved, the owners or owner of the property.

In practice, the property, even in this case, remains owned by the owner. The financial BV analyzes real estate of the whole Brazilian territory, being able to be commercial or residential, since it is worth at least R $ 100 thousand.

Who can borrow the credit to buy a house?

 Who can borrow the credit to buy a house?

In order to obtain Credicasa BV Financeira it is necessary that the customer meets some important requirements, such as having the property valued above R $ 100 thousand. Another important detail that will facilitate the process of credit analysis is the clean name, not listed in the SPC or Serasa.

In addition to these two details, it is important to gather some personal documents and take them to a financial advisor at one of the BV agencies.

How to apply for BV’s CrediCasa?

 How to apply for BV's CrediCasa?

If you really want to get access to Credicasa BV bet on a simulation. The bank allows you to do this through the financial website and without major difficulties.

By accessing the simulator, you simply fill in the information about the amount, how much you need, and the amount of months you want to install. Remember that the minimum is 12 months and the maximum is 240 months. By selecting this, below you will find the amount of the installment, the minimum value of the property and the monthly income necessary for the credit to be released. The interest rate also appears in the simulation, rotating around 1.5% per month, adding up to the IPCA.

If you like the conditions, select Continue. On the next page you will answer some topics and you can fill out a form with your personal information. From now on, the bank will contact you and the website will also appear the nearest branch of your home.

The process of credit

 The process of credit

Applying for credit goes a common path for anyone who is seeking the loan.

The first step, after the simulation, is to continue the request request. It is with the data that you will pass that the bank will analyze your profile and the conditions of payments, being this the second stage. 

In a third moment there will be legal analysis and evaluation of the property. All of this is done by confirming the good record information!

If everything goes well, the bank will prepare a contract and registration of the property, a formalization of the negotiation. The document must be registered with the real estate registry. Now the money is released directly into your checking account!

Other lines of credit with affordable interest

 Other lines of credit with affordable interest

Credicasa BV is a very affordable interest credit line, but there are other loan modalities as well. For example, just like the house, you can also give your car as collateral. The interest for real estate usually is a little higher, but still much more than other loans, such as overdraft or credit card.

The payroll loan rate is also interesting and is a way out for those who do not have real estate and want to have access to credit with higher rates. It is worth remembering that there is normally a minimum and maximum value according to your good and salary conditions or benefits, in the case of INSS payroll.

Before hiring Credicasa from BV Financeira for secured loan of your property, check out what rates and payment conditions are being offered!


Crowdfunding and Collective Financing


Kickante is one of the largest crowdfunding platforms in the country. Founded by brothers Candice Pascoal and Diogo Pascoal, in just over 3 years of existence, it has a collection that exceeds 30 million reais. Thousands of causes can be funded with the help of the platform.

Today, Kickante is among the preferred options of artists, entrepreneurs, activists, athletes and other innovators who want to take their project from paper. Unlike a lending platform, where the borrower needs to return the added value of interest, Kickante functions as an intermediary between people who need money for a cause and supporters who seek projects to support without demanding anything in return.

Although different from a collective or personal loan, supporters of a cause in Kickante , besides contributing to the realization of a project, receive rewards according to the amount donated. For each contribution, the project organizer determines an exclusive reward for their supporter. Donating $ 30 for a cause, for example, the supporter can earn as a reward an exclusive design mug. If you donate $ 300, your reward may be more interesting and exclusive.

Does Crowdfunding really work in Brazil?

Kickante - Does Crowdfunding really work in Brazil?

Yes it works! According to World Bank research, this type of financing is becoming a billion dollar market worldwide and Brazil is not left out. Kickstarter, the largest American company in the segment, has handled more than 820 million dollars, but the Brazilian companies are also accelerating the pace. 

Crowdfunding is the perfect solution for projects that are in need of funds in times of crisis, in a country where it is so difficult to get bank financing or a loan through incentive laws. In Brazil, Kickante is one of the highlights of the collective financing area. Tahiana D’Egmont, the company’s chief executive, imagines that by 2025 Brazil should account for about 10% of the crowdfunding capital raised worldwide, at around $ 90 billion.

Campaign types

All or nothing campaign


In this type of campaign, you get the money only if it reaches or exceeds the target set. If this does not happen, all donations are returned to the supporters. See features:

  • The maximum term for collection is 60 days;
  • You do not have to pay anything to launch a campaign;
  • If you reach or exceed the defined goal, you will receive the money raised and Kickante will receive 12% of the amount as a management fee.

This is the ideal campaign type for anyone who needs 100% of the goal to run their project.

Examples of projects that can use the “all or nothing” campaign: writers or artists who need a certain amount to print a book or CDs and NGOs that need a minimum amount to accomplish a mission.

Flexible Campaign

Flexible Campaign

In this type of campaign, even if you do not reach the established goal, you receive the amount collected until the last day of collection. See features:

  • As in the “all or nothing” campaigns, the maximum deadline for collection is also 60 days;
  • You do not have to pay anything to launch a campaign;
  • If the target is not reached, you receive the amount collected and 17.5% of the value goes to Kickante as the administration fee; however, if you launch a flexible campaign and reach or exceed your goal, the administration fee drops to 12% as in “all or none” campaigns.

This is the ideal campaign type for projects where any amount raised is welcome.

Examples of projects that the flexible campaign can use are: writers or artists who already have a minimum value for their releases, but want to raise more money to increase their outreach and their sales and NGOs with constant causes that can use any value in their missions.


Kickante Contributions, Rewards, and Reimbursements




Everyone can contribute to any campaign that has not yet been closed. The interested party should access the corresponding page, click on “Contribute”, choose the desired value and make your donation. It is possible to pay with a bank or credit card and until you pay the contribution up to 6x. Do not worry: money will be delivered in advance to the campaign organizer.



Some campaigns may offer incentives to supporters in exchange for their contribution and, as we said, they vary according to the amount donated. What the supporter needs to understand is that in some cases the reward may take a long time to reach, after all, he is not making an online purchase but participating in a crowdfunding campaign. Whenever you make a donation, check the delivery times for the reward and do not worry if it takes a little while.



Supporters who participate in an all-or-nothing campaign can be reimbursed if they do not reach the goal determined by their creator. If you prefer, you can pass on the amount previously donated to another campaign of your choice. The process is actually very simple and safe.

I Want Scholarship – Gives Discounts Is Reliable


” Quero Bolsa is an online research platform that helps students choose courses and colleges with discounts on tuition and tuition .” But after all the Quero Bolsa is discount or student funding? The answer is at the beginning of the first paragraph.

The financial market grows and develops on all sides, and good that in Brazil has been created countless online platforms that help citizens find all kinds of financial products and services and still get discounts with that.

However, if you are a high school student or university student and this is within the profile to get scholarships, the website Quero Bolsa is there for that, in a few minutes you can know which colleges and universities and more.

Finishing high school? Are you thinking that in order to have a better and better future it will be necessary to specialize in a function that requires higher education? Want to improve your career by becoming a graduate? Want to follow in his father’s footsteps in medicine or law? It does not matter, spending four or five years studying requires money, and no small amount. Studying in college means sacrifice and monthly fees every month, the family has to tighten the budget or you have to work doubled, there are thousands of Brazilians who pass or have gone through this situation. 

However, if you really want to do a college or university, there are opportunities to study in the discipline you want, access to college is facilitated with scholarship, and that is where Quero Bolsa comes into play. The site offers discount scholarships .

I want a scholarship: I’m a high school freshman. I can?

Congratulations! Whether you are starting your research for a scholarship or student credit, this is a special time that many students want everything to work out. There may be tens or hundreds of scholarships for pre-senior students or for you out of high school.

With the Quero Bolsa you will have an advantage of searching for hundreds of colleges in one place without having to spend a lot of time searching hundreds of websites to try to find an opportunity.

Difference of scholarship and funding?

 Difference of scholarship and funding?

To avoid confusion, it is important to clarify the difference between scholarship and student funding. The scholarship gives discount in tuition , that is, the student pays less to be able to study. With the scholarship the student finishes college with no debts or debit balances.

Here’s an example of a scholarship:

How does Prouni work?

 How does Prouni work?

Prouni registrations are released twice a year, usually at the beginning of each semester, the system selects the candidates taking into consideration the courses chosen, also by the note taken in the Enem and the income of the family. The candidates at Prouni who are selected receive scholarships throughout the course of 50% or 100% in private universities.

The Prouni selection process follows the same pattern as Sisu and Sisutec. In order to participate in the selection, you only have to register once, the process is completely free and online, you have the potion to select two subjects to study in order of preference, hence only follow the evolution of the note on the days of registration.

What is Quero Bolsa?

 What is Quero Bolsa?

” Quero Bolsa is an online research platform that provides colleges and universities with superior courses with tuition and tuition discounts .”

Quero Bolsa offers a simple and affordable approach to finding and applying for scholarships for students of all ages. The search on the site offers targeted listings of scholarships for investment of only a few minutes. There is no faster and better way to find discount scholarships .

Student financing works as private personal credit. The financial institution pays your college tuition while you take the course, and upon completion, you repay the debt to the lender. In some financing modalities, you only reimburse interest during the course.

Examples of funding:

  • Fies
  • Bank financing

I want Stock Market is discount or financing?

 I want Stock Market is discount or financing?

Quero Bolsa is a site that offers scholarships – that is, discounts on tuition fees. It is not funding.

Students enrolled in colleges through Quero Bolsa can get up to 70% discount on all tuition fees until the end . The most interesting thing is that there are no charges for renewal fees or any other extra fee. Thus, once the Querobolsista acquires your scholarship, the discount will be applied until graduation in pay stub every month.

How to get discounts on the scholarship?

 How to get discounts on the scholarship?

College scholarships are not just for teens who are in high school, it fits all students. It is worth mentioning that every year thousands of students enroll or are enrolled in college and many are looking for a way to reduce or lower the amount of tuition and fees to continue the next semester or school year.

Whether you are in high school, college or graduate school and regardless of your age, there are scholarships at Quero Bolsa that can serve you right in your pocket.

Is the Quero Bolsa site reliable?

 Is the Quero Bolsa site reliable?

Quero Bolsa website is online since 2012, its reputation on Reclame Aqui site is one of the best in Brazil. In addition, it has already awarded thousands of scholarships throughout Brazil to students of all levels.

As for web security, the platform uses SSL (digital certificate of encryption) this means that the exchange of information is protected and well stored on secure and reliable servers. Your data and identity will not be stolen. The CNPJ: 10.542.212 / 0001-54 of the company is regular.

How does registering in Quero Bolsa work?

 How does registering in Quero Bolsa work?

The internet without doubts is a facilitated means, it does not have difficulty, you only have access to a device is cellular, tablet or computer with access to web via 3,4,5g or wifi. We list one step by step to get your scholarship by Quero Bolsa:

  1. Enter the Quero Bolsa website here and go to the online platform
  2. Choose the course and the city where you want to study
  3. Choose a scholarship
  4. Sign up with the online pre-registration to reserve the scholarship
  5. Print the pre-registration voucher from Quero Bolsa and present it at the university at the time of registration
  6. Finished! Your discount will be guaranteed for all tuition until graduation.

Personal Credit: Compare all Banks | Credit Loans



Credibom bank has, among its various products and services, a broad range of personal loans, each with different characteristics and purposes.

Credibom’s personal credit stands out because of its associated advantages. Once the interest rate is fixed, also the monthly installments payable are, allowing the customer to always know how much will pay for their financing.

In addition, Credibom provides optional insurance for credit protection and the consumer has the flexibility to choose the debit date of the monthly installment.


 Simple Personal Credit


 Simple Personal Credit is an uncomplicated financial product. Apart from having no associated contract opening commission, it has a very simple membership process.

The amount of funding can go up to € 4,900 and payment times range between 12 and 60 months. Interest rates (TAN) are between 8.85% and 10.85%, depending on the client’s risk assessment performed by the financial institution.


Credit for works and minor repairs


 Credit for works and minor repairs


Credibom works credit, ideal for consumers who want to remodel their home, allows financing up to € 50,000 and payment periods between 24 and 96 months, as best suited to the client.

However, the client must take into account that he has to present to the credit institution the detailed budget of the works to be done. This loan does not require payment of commission of opening of contract and the interest rate (TAN) varies between 10.45% and 11.45%.


Credit for furniture and decoration


 Credit for furniture and decoration


With financing amounts up to € 30,000, this Credibom credit provides payment terms ranging from 18 to 60 months. The interest rate varies between 9.70% and 10.85%.

In this case, the client does not need to present any budget in order to have access to the financing and also does not need to pay the commission for opening the contract.


Credit for appliances

Credit for appliances


For consumers who need to equip their home with appliances, it is possible to apply for this Credibom credit. The financing can reach € 30,000 and is exempt from the payment of the opening commission.

The client can choose to pay the financing between 18 to 60 months and the interest rate (TAN) of the credit for home appliances varies between 9.70% and 10.85%.

Credibom holiday credit


 Credibom also provides a holiday loan, with repayment terms of between 6 and 12 months, as well as a financing amount of up to € 10,000. There is no opening commission and the interest rate (TAN) varies between 8.85% and 9.25%.


Credibom Car loans


 Credibom Car loans


Credibom car credit is a financing for individuals, sole proprietors and liberal professionals, in which the vehicle is registered on behalf of the customer.

This vehicle may be new or used, and the term of payment of the financing will vary depending on the year of the vehicle, ranging from 24 to 96 months.

The customer can choose to apply for a car insurance through the Credibom bank, and the consumer can choose the coverage that is most convenient for him.

The Annual Nominal Interest Rates (TAN) vary between 5.15% and 9.15%, with the Annual Effective Annual Rate (APR) varying between 7.44% and 12.28%.

Competitors of the Cash for Loans and Financing


The number of Caixa’s competitors for home loans and financing has grown. Bank and financial inquiries and inquiries to finance the purchase of the home in spite of the “crisis in Brazil” has also increased, the reason may be the signs of a loosening economy. In years ago Caixa Econômica Federal reigned sovereign in the real estate financing market, nowadays times are different and future borrowers no longer have Caixa as a right institution to request their financing.

In recent months, Caixa has been adopting successive policies on credit and criteria for the release of funds. In addition, even though it is a state-owned bank, it refuses to pass on the Selic cuts, and many other things … Caixa Econômica’s rivals celebrate demand for real estate credit ostensibly by excluded customers. According to experts, resources have dried up and so credit has become difficult.


Loan offer for real estate


Loan offer for real estate


High-ranking officials from competing institutions attribute much of this movement thanks to the return of potential borrowers who are worrying less about losing their jobs in the face of good signs of the weakening crisis in the country. In fact what must be happening is the migration of about 30% to 40% of the clients that were formerly from the Caixa Economico and who are looking for these banks by interested parties that can not obtain a real estate loan.

As said before, Caixa has always had a much higher percentage of funding, and today is limiting it with the use of more stringent strict approval criteria. When charging higher or lower interest rates, it has always been the borrower’s discretion to choose where to get the approval of his loan, especially those who have good score and credit score.

It is not so much that we see so much loan offer being offered by all advertising media. Who “wins” are the borrowers who find good opportunities to take advantage of. On average, banks, Itaú Unibanco, Banco do Brasil and Bradesco Santander Brasil recorded a 30% simulation of housing loans.


Real estate loan in Santander


Real estate loan in Santander

Santander Brazil, according to the bank in July the interest rate began from 9.49% for 60 days that was soon extended until December. Like the lowering Selic, one of the government’s arms to contain crises, all retail banks and fintechs have massively offered the financing to purchase the home itself, including secured home loan.

The experts predict that the Selic will fall to 7% in the coming months, in practice the cost for banks to raise funds in the market will be very close to that offered by savings, 6% more TR. An executive in the real estate lending segment of Bradesco reported that the volume of simulations increased 30% higher in the last two months.

For operations between 20, 30 years the interest rates offered by banks end up taking away the candidate’s chance of getting loan approval in order to get some of those interested back, some banks have raised the amounts that can be financed. At Itaú, for example, the ceiling went from 75% to 80%.


Facilities for lending to property

Facilities for lending to property

The interesting in the last two years and that banks have stepped up the methods to streamline any approval process that can be culturally time consuming and complex, and this discourages potential borrowers. Because of this, online capturing channels and sending digital documentation have been widely used.

In BB’s real estate credit, the average time for approval of real estate loan proposals dropped to 20 days before they were 55. Of course many factors lead a borrower in completing loan to property in particular bank, however, knowing that the borrower now is much more likely to get an approval with fair terms, that’s good news.

Loans and financing


Choosing Caixa means spending more money than you may have now, but you can either access competitors or continue to opt for the Cash for Loans and Financing of your real estate – what will it be?


How to Borrow Money on Time without Bureaucracy

Home » Loans» Borrow Money Online Without Bureaucracy

Who does not need to borrow money? We all need money and when it hurts it is always good to know how to get quick easy money and without much paperwork, whether for a family health emergency, a gift for someone or even to generate cash flow in your company, it is always good to have several lines of credit at your disposal. Let’s look at some types of easy loans.


How to borrow money?


How to borrow money?

Loan through overdraft : Overdraft is a kind of cash credit reserved in the checking account, it is usually formalized with a limit release agreement made between the bank and its client so that it always has at its disposal a credit with certain amount bound in your bank account.

Loan with debit account : A conventional personal credit facility, offered in bank branch networks, indicated to account holders who do not have a pre-approved credit limit and want to take out a personal loan, is usually done through the automatic debit account chain.

Check personal credit : It is a type of personal loan in which the customer borrows money, leaving as collateral the amount of checks related to the number of installments of the loan and pre-dated for the days on which the checks will be discounted as payment .

Loan with the discount sheet : Mode with the cheapest interest of the market, in addition, the debits of the installments are made directly on the payroll. In cases such as retirees, INSS pensioners and Public Servants, the credit is made even with a restriction on the name.

Loan with Assurance of Alienation : Ideal credit for customers who own a vehicle in their name and preferably already taken away, it is when you need to make quick money . To get the resources just use the car as collateral for the loan. The vehicle is sold as a guarantee of payment.

Personal Loan with Card : In many Credit Cards in the market the customer has available the Easy Loan , a kind of fast and debureaucratized cash loan , the client can use a credit line with determined amount when and how he wants and in some cases can pay up to 18 times the same.

How to get approval of your loan application?


Even if banks are more flexible with some types of personal loans or payroll loans, your application may be refused. If this happens, you will need to prepare yourself better to increase your chances of getting approved for a new loan application. Lenders will want detailed and consistent information about your financial history.

When borrowing money, approval depends heavily on how well done was the credit analysis of your customer profile. If you are considered a high risk borrower, your request may be refused, other factors contributing to it, including the lack of assignable margin.

All of these types of loans are simple, quick and break the biggest bough in a need, but you need to be cautious when deciding to hire them, have before you sure that will fit into your monthly and family budget. Good luck!