Crowdfunding and Collective Financing


Kickante is one of the largest crowdfunding platforms in the country. Founded by brothers Candice Pascoal and Diogo Pascoal, in just over 3 years of existence, it has a collection that exceeds 30 million reais. Thousands of causes can be funded with the help of the platform.

Today, Kickante is among the preferred options of artists, entrepreneurs, activists, athletes and other innovators who want to take their project from paper. Unlike a lending platform, where the borrower needs to return the added value of interest, Kickante functions as an intermediary between people who need money for a cause and supporters who seek projects to support without demanding anything in return.

Although different from a collective or personal loan, supporters of a cause in Kickante , besides contributing to the realization of a project, receive rewards according to the amount donated. For each contribution, the project organizer determines an exclusive reward for their supporter. Donating $ 30 for a cause, for example, the supporter can earn as a reward an exclusive design mug. If you donate $ 300, your reward may be more interesting and exclusive.

Does Crowdfunding really work in Brazil?

Kickante - Does Crowdfunding really work in Brazil?

Yes it works! According to World Bank research, this type of financing is becoming a billion dollar market worldwide and Brazil is not left out. Kickstarter, the largest American company in the segment, has handled more than 820 million dollars, but the Brazilian companies are also accelerating the pace. 

Crowdfunding is the perfect solution for projects that are in need of funds in times of crisis, in a country where it is so difficult to get bank financing or a loan through incentive laws. In Brazil, Kickante is one of the highlights of the collective financing area. Tahiana D’Egmont, the company’s chief executive, imagines that by 2025 Brazil should account for about 10% of the crowdfunding capital raised worldwide, at around $ 90 billion.

Campaign types

All or nothing campaign


In this type of campaign, you get the money only if it reaches or exceeds the target set. If this does not happen, all donations are returned to the supporters. See features:

  • The maximum term for collection is 60 days;
  • You do not have to pay anything to launch a campaign;
  • If you reach or exceed the defined goal, you will receive the money raised and Kickante will receive 12% of the amount as a management fee.

This is the ideal campaign type for anyone who needs 100% of the goal to run their project.

Examples of projects that can use the “all or nothing” campaign: writers or artists who need a certain amount to print a book or CDs and NGOs that need a minimum amount to accomplish a mission.

Flexible Campaign

Flexible Campaign

In this type of campaign, even if you do not reach the established goal, you receive the amount collected until the last day of collection. See features:

  • As in the “all or nothing” campaigns, the maximum deadline for collection is also 60 days;
  • You do not have to pay anything to launch a campaign;
  • If the target is not reached, you receive the amount collected and 17.5% of the value goes to Kickante as the administration fee; however, if you launch a flexible campaign and reach or exceed your goal, the administration fee drops to 12% as in “all or none” campaigns.

This is the ideal campaign type for projects where any amount raised is welcome.

Examples of projects that the flexible campaign can use are: writers or artists who already have a minimum value for their releases, but want to raise more money to increase their outreach and their sales and NGOs with constant causes that can use any value in their missions.


Kickante Contributions, Rewards, and Reimbursements




Everyone can contribute to any campaign that has not yet been closed. The interested party should access the corresponding page, click on “Contribute”, choose the desired value and make your donation. It is possible to pay with a bank or credit card and until you pay the contribution up to 6x. Do not worry: money will be delivered in advance to the campaign organizer.



Some campaigns may offer incentives to supporters in exchange for their contribution and, as we said, they vary according to the amount donated. What the supporter needs to understand is that in some cases the reward may take a long time to reach, after all, he is not making an online purchase but participating in a crowdfunding campaign. Whenever you make a donation, check the delivery times for the reward and do not worry if it takes a little while.



Supporters who participate in an all-or-nothing campaign can be reimbursed if they do not reach the goal determined by their creator. If you prefer, you can pass on the amount previously donated to another campaign of your choice. The process is actually very simple and safe.

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