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Who does not need to borrow money? We all need money and when it hurts it is always good to know how to get quick easy money and without much paperwork, whether for a family health emergency, a gift for someone or even to generate cash flow in your company, it is always good to have several lines of credit at your disposal. Let’s look at some types of easy loans.


How to borrow money?


How to borrow money?

Loan through overdraft : Overdraft is a kind of cash credit reserved in the checking account, it is usually formalized with a limit release agreement made between the bank and its client so that it always has at its disposal a credit with certain amount bound in your bank account.

Loan with debit account : A conventional personal credit facility, offered in bank branch networks, indicated to account holders who do not have a pre-approved credit limit and want to take out a personal loan, is usually done through the automatic debit account chain.

Check personal credit : It is a type of personal loan in which the customer borrows money, leaving as collateral the amount of checks related to the number of installments of the loan and pre-dated for the days on which the checks will be discounted as payment .

Loan with the discount sheet : Mode with the cheapest interest of the market, in addition, the debits of the installments are made directly on the payroll. In cases such as retirees, INSS pensioners and Public Servants, the credit is made even with a restriction on the name.

Loan with Assurance of Alienation : Ideal credit for customers who own a vehicle in their name and preferably already taken away, it is when you need to make quick money . To get the resources just use the car as collateral for the loan. The vehicle is sold as a guarantee of payment.

Personal Loan with Card : In many Credit Cards in the market the customer has available the Easy Loan , a kind of fast and debureaucratized cash loan , the client can use a credit line with determined amount when and how he wants and in some cases can pay up to 18 times the same.

How to get approval of your loan application?


Even if banks are more flexible with some types of personal loans or payroll loans, your application may be refused. If this happens, you will need to prepare yourself better to increase your chances of getting approved for a new loan application. Lenders will want detailed and consistent information about your financial history.

When borrowing money, approval depends heavily on how well done was the credit analysis of your customer profile. If you are considered a high risk borrower, your request may be refused, other factors contributing to it, including the lack of assignable margin.

All of these types of loans are simple, quick and break the biggest bough in a need, but you need to be cautious when deciding to hire them, have before you sure that will fit into your monthly and family budget. Good luck!


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