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Credibom bank has, among its various products and services, a broad range of personal loans, each with different characteristics and purposes.

Credibom’s personal credit stands out because of its associated advantages. Once the interest rate is fixed, also the monthly installments payable are, allowing the customer to always know how much will pay for their financing.

In addition, Credibom provides optional insurance for credit protection and the consumer has the flexibility to choose the debit date of the monthly installment.


 Simple Personal Credit


 Simple Personal Credit is an uncomplicated financial product. Apart from having no associated contract opening commission, it has a very simple membership process.

The amount of funding can go up to € 4,900 and payment times range between 12 and 60 months. Interest rates (TAN) are between 8.85% and 10.85%, depending on the client’s risk assessment performed by the financial institution.


Credit for works and minor repairs


 Credit for works and minor repairs


Credibom works credit, ideal for consumers who want to remodel their home, allows financing up to € 50,000 and payment periods between 24 and 96 months, as best suited to the client.

However, the client must take into account that he has to present to the credit institution the detailed budget of the works to be done. This loan does not require payment of commission of opening of contract and the interest rate (TAN) varies between 10.45% and 11.45%.


Credit for furniture and decoration


 Credit for furniture and decoration


With financing amounts up to € 30,000, this Credibom credit provides payment terms ranging from 18 to 60 months. The interest rate varies between 9.70% and 10.85%.

In this case, the client does not need to present any budget in order to have access to the financing and also does not need to pay the commission for opening the contract.


Credit for appliances

Credit for appliances


For consumers who need to equip their home with appliances, it is possible to apply for this Credibom credit. The financing can reach € 30,000 and is exempt from the payment of the opening commission.

The client can choose to pay the financing between 18 to 60 months and the interest rate (TAN) of the credit for home appliances varies between 9.70% and 10.85%.

Credibom holiday credit


 Credibom also provides a holiday loan, with repayment terms of between 6 and 12 months, as well as a financing amount of up to € 10,000. There is no opening commission and the interest rate (TAN) varies between 8.85% and 9.25%.


Credibom Car loans


 Credibom Car loans


Credibom car credit is a financing for individuals, sole proprietors and liberal professionals, in which the vehicle is registered on behalf of the customer.

This vehicle may be new or used, and the term of payment of the financing will vary depending on the year of the vehicle, ranging from 24 to 96 months.

The customer can choose to apply for a car insurance through the Credibom bank, and the consumer can choose the coverage that is most convenient for him.

The Annual Nominal Interest Rates (TAN) vary between 5.15% and 9.15%, with the Annual Effective Annual Rate (APR) varying between 7.44% and 12.28%.

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