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Caixa Económica de Angra do Heroísmo offers three great financing solutions so that its clients can realize their dreams and projects and face possible contingencies.


Personal credit 


 Personal credit from CEMAH


The personal loan solution of Caixa Económica da Misericórdia de Angra do Heroísmo is intended for private clients aged between 18 and 65 years, and amounts between 500 and 75,000 euros may be requested for a term which varies between 6 and 120 months. Regarding the mode of payment, this consists of constant capital and interest payments. The interest rate is appropriate to the risk profile of the customer and is defined according to the products and services that it has at Caixa Económica de Angra do Heroísmo.


Credit Training and Education


 Credit Training and Education


The CEM Training and Education Credit is intended to finance a higher education, technical-professional or even specific training, for individuals who are enrolled in technical-vocational, higher education or vocational training establishments.

The term of use of this financing is from 6 to 36 months (available in monthly tranches, contrary to what happens with CEMAH’s conventional personal credit) and the amounts requested can vary between 1,000 and 30,000 euros. As far as the repayment term is concerned, this can fluctuate between 6 and 96 months with monthly installments of capital and interest.

In order to have access to the training and education credit of Caixa Económica de Angra do Heroísmo, it is mandatory to present the annual proof of enrollment / enrollment.

The interest rate on this loan is variable, indexed to the 6-month EURIBOR, plus a spread of 3% to 4%.


Automotive Credit


 Automotive Credit


The CEM car credit is intended for holders aged between 18 and 75 for the purpose of purchasing new or used passenger, mixed or freight vehicles. With terms ranging from 6 to 96 months, the amounts requested can range from 500 to 75,000 euros, and the modality of repayment is a monthly installment of principal and interest.

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