Proof of Income: What It Is, Importance and How to Prove Income



 Everyone has gone through a situation where a proof of income was required .

Almost always they are required to release credit products.

Therefore, loans , financing and credit cards always have this requirement. There are cases where it is also required to open bank accounts.

Whatever the purpose, it serves for financial institutions to assess credit risk . It is from then on that they determine the limit that can be made available.

The problem is that although the practice is common, many people do not know which document they can use for this purpose.

In this article we will take all your doubts about income vouchers . Check out!


What is a proof of income?

 What is a proof of income?


The act of proving income is nothing more than confirmation that a person will be able to shoulder a debt.

For this she presents vouchers that record her gross family income.

Generally, they are documents that present the monthly incomes in a certain period of time .

It is according to what the person is able to pay that will occur the release of credit.

It is natural, then, that no document is accepted for this purpose. Many people believe that they can issue proof of income online.

The situation, however, is not so simple. Reliable sources are required to validate the record.


What is a proof of income for?


 What is a proof of income for?


The function of the voucher can be understood on two sides. As we have seen in previous topics, for the bank means a safe way to analyze the viability of the loan .

This way, no financing is released that could compromise the clients budget.

If you win $ 2,000, you will not be able to afford installments of $ 1800 on a loan.

The transaction would pose risks to both sides . Those who are looking for the loan have in the supporting documents how to ensure that they can keep the commitment.

Importance of proof of income

 Importance of proof of income


 By analyzing the function of this documentation well we can understand its importance. We know that institutions protect themselves from default, that is, from the loss that could be caused by non-payment .

There is, however, a dimension of consumer protection in this story as well.

See that by preventing a person from taking out a risky loan, he is getting rid of a potential debt.

A framework that could end up evolving into a dirty name .

Consequence that can hinder the life of individuals and companies, preventing them from having access to credit in the future.

In what situations do I need proof of income?


 In what situations do I need proof of income?

But, after all, what are the situations where proof of income is required?

The most common example in this regard is the borrowing .

Financing is another common practice in which vouchers are required and these can be real estate or student loans.

In the rental of real estate also occurs the requirement , as well as in the consortiums for the acquisition of goods.

To open accounts and be entitled to credit card, check stubs and special credit limit as well.

It is interesting to note that with regard to loans it is possible that they be carried out without proof of income .

To know more about the loan without proof of income just check our article on the subject. The following is a summary of how credit is granted in these cases.


Do I need to prove my income to make a loan?

Do I need to prove my income to make a loan?


It is not always necessary to prove income, as we saw in the last topic. What happens in this case is that the interest is usually higher, because of the risk assumed by the financial .

Even so, this option is good for emergency situations. Those who are unemployed may also have difficulties when it comes to getting credit .

In this case the only documents required are those for identification – RG, CPF and proof of residence.

Of course, if we do not talk about emergencies it becomes more advantageous to look for the option that requires proof of income . Because?

The main reason is that interest rates are usually lower, after all, the risk to the borrower is lower. Want to find the best rates on the market?

Make your personal loan search good for credit.


Can I Hire a Credit Card without Checking Income?

Can I Hire a Credit Card without Checking Income?


 We have seen that in order to obtain a credit card it is common to have an obligation to prove income .

We also said that there are some loans that do not require the requirement.

Well, know that the same is possible with the cards. In general this service is often difficult to release for freelancers and people who are starting financial life.

One of the credit card options without proof of income is the college model .

To acquire it, in addition to being enrolled in a higher education institution, it is necessary to open an account at the bank that offers the service.

Other options are to link the card to a savings account or use the prepaid template. Want to compare options to choose the best alternative for your need?

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What to Do to Get a Proof of Income?


 What to Do to Get a Proof of Income?


By now you may be wondering how you can get a voucher for your income, right?

There are numerous documents that can serve this purpose . The choice will depend on your particular situation.

Those who have a salary and a fixed job, for example, can use the work card as proof of income .

It is also important to remember that each institution can present its own rules.

This means that documents that are valid in one situation, or location, may not be in other circumstances.

Therefore, to obtain a voucher before it is necessary to know what document required by the company in question .

We will deal in detail below with each of these options and the contexts in which they are useful.


How to Check Income?


If the occupation, financial institution and objective determine what will be required, how then can we prove income?

Once the required documents are known, the process is very simple.

Among the most common proofs are the declaration of income tax, pay stubs and bank statements.


Anyone wishing to make a proof of income should actually look for one of these documents.

The same is true if other vouchers are requested, even though the citations serve in most cases.

For those who do not have a fixed salary, however, the process is differentiated . The following explains how this category of professionals should confirm their income.

MEI and Small Business Owners


For Individual Microentrepreneurs (MEI) the corresponding document is the Annual Declaration of the Individual Microentrepreneur, DASN-SIMEI.

The registry includes among its information the annual gross revenue of the enterprise. Always remembering that for the MEIs the maximum yield can not exceed the R $ 81 thousand per year .

This means an average of up to R $ 6,750.00 per month. The important thing is that for the two categories of businessmen described, the annual income records that are delivered to the Revenue serve the purposes of verification .

Freelancers and Professionals

Freelancers and Professionals

Your question is how to make a proof of income as a freelancer ?

In these cases where there is no fixed income, the income tax helps to demonstrate the income of the professional.

If there is fixed service provision, an Autonomous Payment Receipt (RPA) is enough.

Here the document has the same validity as the paycheck for fixed workers.

Other assumptions involve long-term supply or sales contracts.

We must emphasize that for some institutions a history of stability is still relevant . Therefore, the indebtedness can count negatively when the credit is requested.

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Signed Portfolio Workers

 Signed workers are those who have the least difficulty in proving their income.

Just present the document to confirm your income. Of course, not all institutions will only accept the portfolio. It may be necessary to present the latest holerites as well .

In some cases the requirement will include the declaration of the Income Tax.

If the professional presents variable income – as in the previous examples – the rule changes a little. Three paychecks may not be enough.

The institution will determine the period required to arrive at a reliable average of income.

Learn more about salary loan options in the guide we have prepared.

Retirees and Pensioners

The last category we will deal with is retirees and pensioners. For them, the proof of income may also be the IR’s statement .

The document is valid even for those who have a patrimony that serves to supplement the income through rents.

The same rule applies to any bank applications. A common question among retirees and pensioners is also whether there is a proof of INSS income .

What is there is the statement of social security that serves to attest the income of the insured. Net and gross amounts received can be found in it.

What is Considered Proof of Income? Types of Proof of Income

 What is Considered Proof of Income? Types of Proof of Income

The variety of documents that can be used to prove income is quite wide. We have already given several examples that fit the most different situations and needs.

Nevertheless, we remember again that the best guide to know which document to present is the credit institution itself.

What we can talk about what serves as proof of income is what it should present.

For, whatever its nature, it must be issued by a reliable source to confirm and record its income.

We will now outline an overview of the documents most frequently required by banks and other institutions.


It may be that most of your income comes from a pension – the INSS, for example.

In this case, it is possible that filing a record as income tax is not enough. It will probably be necessary to present the proof of receipt of pension .

With regard to the INSS statement, it can be withdrawn from the Social Security portal or from an agency of the agency.

This record serves to prove income in financing and is indispensable for payroll deductible credit . If you are retired or pensioner, take advantage of the facility to withdraw this voucher online.



 The Proof of Income Perception or Decorating Statement is a document intended for liberal professionals.

Although little known, in 2000 it replaced payrolls in proving the earnings of the workers in that category.

Thus, it serves for lawyers, dentists, brokers and different autonomous functions .

It is recommended that the record be prepared with the assistance of an accounting professional. He will know which documents to put together for Decore.

The accountant may need statements, income tax returns, receipts, rent receipts and so on. Anything that can generate income should be remembered.

Contract of Work

Contract of Work

If you have an employment contract – no matter whether fixed or just regular – it can serve as proof of income . It is through it that the monthly earnings will be calculated.

Recall that service contracts are a good alternative for those self-employed who wish to prove income.



This is a very specific voucher that demonstrates all the employee’s monthly earnings.

That is, credits, including overtime, and debts are recorded on the paycheck.

Most financial institutions accept this voucher . It should only be observed its date of issue: up to 90 days before the request.

Therefore, the documents that correspond to the last 3 months of salary are presented. It is worth noting that information on the paycheck is not always complete.

When there are commissions on sales, or profit sharing, some companies end up not detailing the source of income.

Income Tax Return

Income Tax Return

Another document very requested as proof and which we have already mentioned several times throughout this article.

Virtually every institution and circumstance that involves credit can make use of IR . With it we inform the income of the previous year.

But beware: even though it is widely accepted, one must be prepared to present other documents as well.

What’s more, they must always be up to date. A bank statement, for example, may serve to confirm what is present in the Income Tax.

If there are divergences between the registries the granting of credit will eventually become more bureaucratic.

For those who do not pay IR it is worth remembering that there is no proof of tax exemption. Want to know everything about the statement?

Our article about the income tax (IR) will get your main questions on the subject!

Bank statement

Bank statement

 This proof of income is probably what most raises doubts and controversies . It is not always accepted and the objection may even be recorded in credit agreements.

If there is no impediment, however, the same procedure of the paychecks is adopted. That is, they present documents related to the last 3 months .

Thus an average income can be calculated to guide the credit analysis .

Taking into account that it is not usually officially a voucher, it is interesting to increase its credibility.

Instead of getting it at the ATMs the recommendation is to get it with the bank manager . He can sign and (or) stamp the extract increasing its reliability.

How to Check Income with Bank Statement?

First, bear in mind that it is not officially a voucher. Although it is undeniable that it can point to income, since it records the financial movement of an account.

This is the reason why many banks accept the statements .

But, after all, how to prove income through bank statement? We reiterate that this will depend on the financial institution.

In any case, if this document is accepted, it is necessary to present, as we have said, a minimum of 3 months of extracts . When necessary the term can increase to 6 months.

Work Portfolio

Work Portfolio

A work contract with active contract is already used in most cases as a proof .

The reason it is accepted is the record of the base salary on your pages.

But it turns out that right here is a but: your income will not necessarily sum up to this value .

Therefore, there is a possibility that you can afford larger loan or credit amounts.

In this particular case, the work permit serves as proof of income , but it can not be the only one. Other documents must be submitted to arrive at your actual income.



The pay stub is nothing more than the paycheck: a monthly receipt in which credits and debits of a job are recorded .

Among the people who can use the document for verification purposes are salaried workers, retirees, pensioners and also public servants.

Frequently Asked Questions about Proof of Income


To complete this true dossier on proof of income, we must still answer a few more questions about the subject.

We will deal first with proof of income for those who are unemployed . We’ll talk about family income later. Check out!

How to Check Income Being Unemployed?

How to Check Income Being Unemployed?

 Most of the documents we mention throughout this article demand that the person be employed or working on their own.

And it does not matter in this case whether the work is formalized or intermittent. In what way could a proof of income be made for those who do not work ?

First of all we must remember that the income tax can also be declared by unemployed persons. After all, it concerns year-round income.

To present proof of income unemployed there is still another option. Learn all about unemployment insurance to find out how this is possible.

What is a Family Income Statement?

What is a Family Income Statement?

It is likely that in some circumstances when trying to prove your monthly earnings you have come across a household income survey.

What this represents is the gross sum of what each resident of the same household earns . In this case we count in the calculation all the gains received.

Including pensions, pension benefits, commissions, self-employment income and so on.

The concept should not be confused with per capita income. The latter refers to the division of family income by the number of individuals who constitute it.

What Happens If You Use Fake Income Statement?

What Happens If You Use Fake Income Statement?

Before closing, we leave a warning: all vouchers that are presented to financial institutions and other companies must be legitimate.

It is true that today on the internet we can find ready and editable documents. But know that organizations have the means to check the legitimacy of registration.

Therefore, when presenting a false income statement, in addition to running the risk of having the credit denied, the institution can bring the matter to justice .

Falsification of documents is a crime and can lead those who use it to have to respond legally. Do not fall for this trap!



The Proof of Income is essential for obtaining credit and even for hiring some services .

Are you looking for personal credit? Do not worry, we’ll help you find it. Visit Good Credit to find out how!


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