The Loan with Property Guarantee



Using the Credicasa BV Financeira can be an option for those who are looking for a high value loan and can use the property as collateral. This program is from BV financial and offers different conditions, including more affordable interest rates on account of the guarantee.

Understand what Credicasa BV Financeira is


Credicasa is the BV financial loan. The bank, which also works with other lines of credit, seeks to pass on interest rates more in account, since the property becomes a guarantee of receiving the loan, in case the loan applicant fails to pay the installments.

How does BV’s Credicasa work?


Quite simply. The client who gets the loan via the financial and using his property as collateral, will be doing refinancing. That is, it is as if he repays the installments of the house again, having, of course, the money in his hands.

The financial BV makes analysis of each credit application through this product. The customer usually does not have to say how he will use the money. The bank does an analysis of the documentation of the property and those involved, the owners or owner of the property.

In practice, the property, even in this case, remains owned by the owner. The financial BV analyzes real estate of the whole Brazilian territory, being able to be commercial or residential, since it is worth at least R $ 100 thousand.

Who can borrow the credit to buy a house?

 Who can borrow the credit to buy a house?

In order to obtain Credicasa BV Financeira it is necessary that the customer meets some important requirements, such as having the property valued above R $ 100 thousand. Another important detail that will facilitate the process of credit analysis is the clean name, not listed in the SPC or Serasa.

In addition to these two details, it is important to gather some personal documents and take them to a financial advisor at one of the BV agencies.

How to apply for BV’s CrediCasa?

 How to apply for BV's CrediCasa?

If you really want to get access to Credicasa BV bet on a simulation. The bank allows you to do this through the financial website and without major difficulties.

By accessing the simulator, you simply fill in the information about the amount, how much you need, and the amount of months you want to install. Remember that the minimum is 12 months and the maximum is 240 months. By selecting this, below you will find the amount of the installment, the minimum value of the property and the monthly income necessary for the credit to be released. The interest rate also appears in the simulation, rotating around 1.5% per month, adding up to the IPCA.

If you like the conditions, select Continue. On the next page you will answer some topics and you can fill out a form with your personal information. From now on, the bank will contact you and the website will also appear the nearest branch of your home.

The process of credit

 The process of credit

Applying for credit goes a common path for anyone who is seeking the loan.

The first step, after the simulation, is to continue the request request. It is with the data that you will pass that the bank will analyze your profile and the conditions of payments, being this the second stage. 

In a third moment there will be legal analysis and evaluation of the property. All of this is done by confirming the good record information!

If everything goes well, the bank will prepare a contract and registration of the property, a formalization of the negotiation. The document must be registered with the real estate registry. Now the money is released directly into your checking account!

Other lines of credit with affordable interest

 Other lines of credit with affordable interest

Credicasa BV is a very affordable interest credit line, but there are other loan modalities as well. For example, just like the house, you can also give your car as collateral. The interest for real estate usually is a little higher, but still much more than other loans, such as overdraft or credit card.

The payroll loan rate is also interesting and is a way out for those who do not have real estate and want to have access to credit with higher rates. It is worth remembering that there is normally a minimum and maximum value according to your good and salary conditions or benefits, in the case of INSS payroll.

Before hiring Credicasa from BV Financeira for secured loan of your property, check out what rates and payment conditions are being offered!


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